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Fossil stone, scientifically known as limestone, acquired its name from the wealth and abundance of fossilized particles found in it.

Aged between 100 to 150 years old, its natural characteristics has come a long way. When it has reached a state of 400 years and above, it is known as marble and when aged 700 years, it is termed granite.

In creating our candleholders, we first use fossil stone in its raw state, crush it to a powder form and then mix it with resin. From this state, it is then molded onto a fiber by machine to a thickness of 5mm. Everything else from here is handmade.

Aluminum parts like a figurine's head, hands and holding plates are attached by hand. It is then carefully fused and patched between the two elements. Next, it is hand colored in beautiful natural shades to enhance the stone's qualities and for interesting blending into home settings. The craftsmanship and time that goes into each piece only makes it all the more unique and mystical.